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James Cromwell and Bella


You don't need any special qualifications. You don't need stacks of money. These two concerns often put people off forming a local Vegan group. A group doesn't have to be a "society" or an "association" with a Constitution and Office-bearers. It can simply be a group of Vegans wanting to meet together on a regular basis. How do I do it?

Changing The World

The nature and structure of Vegan groups is to serve their local members who have a direct say in the management of the group and its local activities. To be effective, their sphere of influence is essentially local. The philosophy of, "Think Globally, Act Locally", if done on a global scale, appears to be the most effective way to create global change. Evidence of this is the increasing number of local vegan groups with a focus on serving their local city, town or community and addressing local issues.

Forming Your Own Local Vegan Group

You may want a group with more activities and more interaction, and more local control.

Here are some helpful hints:


It's important that we as Vegans find regular support and friendship from other like-minded people... Vegans! We can see how easy it is. So let's get started today!

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